Wednesday, 29 August 2012

hot penny stocks

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Hot Penny Stocks
How to get rich with "  Hot Penny Stocks "

Dear Investor,

You don't need to BE rich to GET rich in the stock market. It happened to me…

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In the past 3 years I've made tons of money..........

picking stocks.

up penny stocks

And when most people see me drive up in my fancy car, they assume I was born into money, went to a prestigious school, and worked at "daddy's" investment bank. But nothing is further from the truth.

In the beginning

I had a modest upbringing that was basically about as middle-class as you can get. My hard-working blue-collar parents provided for my needs but couldn't afford to send me to an Ivy League school. I struggled a bit to find meaningful work and had a bit of bad luck along the way. In short, I was an average guy with an average future.


Things got worse.......

After a few strokes of bad luck, I ended up flat broke and homeless. And because my wife and I couldn't afford a down payment on an apartment, we packed up our two kids and our meager belongings and ended up living in a cheap rent-by-the-day motel. I had exhausted all of the handouts and favors from my family and we were barely getting by on food stamps.


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pennystock keys

As I was waiting in line for food stamps or at the unemployment office, I saw guys drive by in nice cars and flashy suits and wondered what they did for a living. I found out that some of them were stockbrokers and investment bankers and day traders, buying and selling thousands (or sometimes millions) of dollars of stocks each day. Could I do that too? Intrigued, I read up on the stock market and was instantly amazed. What others saw as a confusing mass of numbers and influences, I could see in a different way. The numbers clicked together in my head. The concepts were shockingly clear to me. I didn't' realize it at the time but "I got" the market in a way that few people ever do. I remember sitting in the public library after another day of fruitless job-hunting, and I thought to myself, "could I buy and sell stocks?"

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2 problems.....

But I had two problems. One was that my ideas were unproven – just theories. The other was that I didn't have very much money to my name. But nothing clicked in my mind quite like the stock market. I had to make it work because I never felt quite at home as when I was analyzing the market. I was laughed at What I needed was a way to take a small amount of money and turn it into a large amount in the market. I asked around and the stockbrokers who heard my theories just laughed at me. "It can't be done" they said. One guy even laughed me out of his office. My theory was sound so I tried it out on paper, pretending that I had the money. It worked..

Here's the theory.....

The theory is simple. Thirty-eight trades, each growing a minimum of 20%, would turn $1,000 into $1,000,000. It was almost too simple (which is probably why those stockbroker "gurus" didn't believe it). It worked in theory… But would it work in reality? I had seen it work on paper. I knew it could work if everything lined up. What I needed was a small amount of money – just $1,000 – to get started. With some sacrifices and some additional begging from my family, I put together just enough money, $1003.12 to be exact. I tried it out – and it worked I made the trades and by the end I had over $1,000,000. It was the most amount of money I had ever made in my life and I made it relatively quickly. Word got out and within months stockbrokers were calling me to ask me what they should be trading… even the stockbrokers who said I couldn't make it happen!

In the video you are going to see 4 stocks, penny stocks that gain 20% or higher.
The reason I show these picks, is some of them went on to do great things. A few of them where pure trash.
That's what I can offer you separating the trash form the gold. Its like going to a yard sale and buying a da Vinci for $10. That what a top penny stock is that yard sale da Vinci.

stock guru

I became known as the hot penny stocks-picking guru

In fact, I was once laughed out of a stockbroker's office and today I'm on the speed dial of many brokers who want a hot tip of an amazing stock that they can buy or sell to look like a hero for their clients. I became known as the hot penny stocks-picking guru and have been called "The Godfather of stock trading" and "The Nostradamus of the 
stock market".